Feminist Futures

The Feminist Futures educational workshops aim to educate young people about UK democracy and gender inequality through the diverse herstories of women’s activism. The Feminist Archive South have partnered with T.I.G.E.R. (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect) and a network of feminist artists and educators across the South West in order to launch a series of interactive and creative workshops in FE colleges, LGBT+ youth groups and arts centres. 

Young people aged 16 – 30 years old will have an opportunity to learn about feminist activist her-stories, connect these to contemporary debates about gender equality and work towards challenging these issues in their own communities 

Feminist Futures will take inspiration from a rich and fascinating collection of archival materials from Suffrage to the Women’s Liberation Movement, questioning how far have we come and what’s next for the future of gender equality? 

Drawing on a striking exhibition of feminist posters we will explore the key legislative changes impacting women’s rights; the role of feminist pressure groups in exerting influence on democratic structures; and the significance of feminist media to becoming informed citizens and how it has changed over the years (e.g. from pamphlets to hashtags).

The workshops will provide unique opportunities to creatively respond to the archive materials, the issues they raise and how they relate to contemporary gender politics through a variety of mediums as well as invited to submit their creative contributions to a regional FAS exhibition and project website. 

Workshops for FE Colleges

Subject specific workshops are available to students studying A-Level Sociology, History, Government and Politics, English Language and Literature and Art, creating engaging opportunities to explore the histories of feminist activism as they relate to their studies. These workshops will be based on a specially designed handling collection of archival materials from the Feminist Archive South, developed in consultation with teachers and delivered in partnership with T.I.G.E.R. The collection, resources and workshops will not only enrich the existing curriculum, develop skills through original research but also provide excellent experience for those wishing to progress to Higher Education.

Feminist Futures A Level Workshops

History: Researching Activist Herstory

Sociology: Gender roles, Stereotypes and Socialisation

Sociology: Gender, Culture and Identity 

English Literature: Feminist Theory and Creative Writing

Government and Politics: Gender Equality, Democracy and Protest

Art and Design: Art and Activism

LGBT+ groups

Mobilising LGBT+ Activism

Community Activism

Exploring Activism and the Future of Gender Equality

For more information or to book a workshop email education.feministarchive@gmail.com